Meryl and Clyde

This was initially a banner I created for MadeInCaravan but we are now developing it into a computer game. The basic premise is of an elderly lady who has dementia and has escaped a nursing home to be confronted with weird and wonderful adventures. 


ShowReel 2017

ShowReel - Drawings

Morgans Group - Email confrimation Video

Morgans Group Animation - Gag planning sketch

This is an Animation I did with Jan-Phillip Hochstetter (from MadeInCaravan) for Morgans Group. They wanted a video that will be sent out with email confirmations to give customers a head-up on what they can do prior to the cleaning coupled with some additional info. Damien Murphy the boss was keen for it to be fun and not too serious like most of their advertising. It was an enjoyable project!

Above is a Sketch we did to plan the first scene. One of those chain reactions using the old cause and effect approach. Was a fun scene.